For 2022, Make Ignoring The ADA Hype Your New Year’s Resolution

If you’ve gone hunting for Cardano news today – or any other day since the Christmas crypto rush didn’t happen as expected – you’ve probably come across your fair share of annoying ADA FUD crud.

Of course, you’ve likely come across some holiday (hodliday?) optimism, too.

In fact, you’ve probably come across both of these things – at the same time, from the same sites, in the same search results!

To test our hypothesis (hypepothesis?), we fired up the old PC, navigated to Google (our default search engine in the universal Chrome bar was set to Bing for some reason), typed “Cardano” into the requisite field, and submitted our query.

We then clicked the “News” tab.

The following Google News results popped up, in this order (with FUD nonsense in red, FOMO non-nonsense in green, and important neutral information in black):

Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson Lays Out 2022 Plans – CoinDesk, 2 days ago

“Why XRP, Cardano, Chainlink, and Are Down Big Today” – The Motley Fool, 22 hours ago

“Why Top Proof-Of-Stake Tokens Solana, Cardano, and Polkadot Are Plunging Today” – The Motley Fool, 5 hours ago

“Ethereum Might Get Crushed Between Solana and Cardano in 2022″Analytics Insight, 15 hours ago

“Cardano, Polkadot Jump as Bitcoin Holds Above $50K” – CoinDesk, 2 days ago

“Cardano presents buy opportunity before ADA hits $2” – FXStreet, 1 hour ago

“Bitcoin, dogecoin, Shiba Inu plunge; Cardano rises. Check cryptocurrency prices today” – Mint, 1 day ago

“Bitcoin and Ethereum lose festive cheer but Cardano rallies” – Proactive Investors, 13 hours ago

“Cardano price hits a curb as ADA dips in search of support” – FXStreet, 1 day ago

“3 Reasons to Buy Cardano” – MSN, 1 day ago

“Why Bitcoin, Cardano, and Polkadot Surged Higher Today” – The Motley Fool, 1 day ago

“Cardano And Ripple Will Fall Out of Top 10: 2022 Predictions From Arcane Research” – CryptoPotato, 10 hours ago

“Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin Fail To Impress, Cardano Bucks The Trend; This Analyst Is Warning Of A Massive 2022 Crash That ‘Will Flush Everyone Out'” – Benzinga, 1 day ago

“EMURGO’s soon-to-launch NFT marketplace on Cardano opens registration for artists” – CryptoSlate, 3 hours ago

“Cardano: Crypto Analyst Says $ADA Investors and Traders Should Be Careful” – Cryptoglobe, 1 hour ago

“Is Cardano a Smart Cryptocurrency to buy Now?” – The Motley Fool, 1 week ago

“Bearish-Rated Cardano (ADA) Falls Wednesday to $1.36” – InvestorsObserver, 6 hours ago

As you can see, these outlets are all over the place.

The worst offender of the bunch is The Motley Fool, of course, as the outlet is in the habit of posting contrarian clickbait in response to its own contrarian clickbait pretty much all the time.

Yesterday, for example, the Fool told us why Cardano was “down big today.” Also yesterday, the Fool told us why Cardano “surged higher today.”

Today, it’s more of the same.

In most cases, these outlets are at least (temporarily) internally consistent and a little less Bi(tcoin)polar.

But when you compare crypto blogs, you can see their bias – or, rather, the differences in their qualifications for what constitutes concern vs. what constitutes enthusiasm.

At Benzinga, Cardano “bucks the trend” as other cryptos crash, while FXStreet – on the same day – declared that ADA’s “hit a curb” and that it’s “in search of support.”

Cardano, over at Proactive Investors, avoided that curb with a bona fide “rally,” while the InvestorsObserver gives ADA the “bearish-rated” treatment.

It’s all, for the lack of a better word, a joke.

We don’t really understand how these sites come up with this crap, but we assume they have a threshold alert set up in whatever crypto exchange apps they use.

You know, the kind of alert you normally set to send yourself notifications when you want to buy the dip at a buck or something. Maybe these sites get an alert when ADA drops by 10% or gains by 10%. Then, it’s off to WordPress and out the door ASAP.

Imagine the stress! If you don’t get your story our RFN, the narrative you just spent an hour BSing your way through might be irredeemably obviated (as opposed to only somewhat obviated) before you even hit “Publish.”

Crypto is really that volatile.

Every major crypto coin sees big gains and big dips a dozen times a day, and a 10-20-point swing in either direction isn’t uncommon enough to warrant these endless writeups. But maybe the clicks are enough to warrant them.

In either case, you can dismiss the FUD out of hand, and you can probably dismiss the FOMO, too.

Long term, everything is going up. Short term, nobody knows what’s happening tomorrow. That’s the only rule. So again, buy the dip.

Honestly, if you want to stay apprised of the real Cardano news, you’ll need to learn to filter all this hype out of your feed.

To that end, you need to pay attention exclusively to those stories above that are posted in black. These are informational posts that actually have news to share.

While most of the crypto market caters to investors and traders with so much “BUY BUY BUY” and “SELL SELL SELL” drivel, some sites still have a thing or two to pass along about how this crypto stuff actually works.

So while the top story is actually two days old now, it’s hanging on to that position precisely because it actually has something to say about Cardano itself – and not just about the Cardano price.

In the piece – which you can read for yourself here – Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson briefly explains the overarching vision for Cardano in 2022.

In a half-hour YouTube video aired from his home in Colorado on Christmas Eve, Hoskinson said – in the most general terms – that his aim “for the second half of 2022 is to figure out how to put all the pieces together to get an end-to-end microfinance transaction on Cardano.”

So, what about the first half of 2022?

Naturally, things are going to continue apace.

From those initiatives introduced at Cardano Summit 2021 to all manner of DeFi and NFT projects to be announced since then, the platform will continue to evolve.

One of the chief ways it will do this, again per Hoskinson, is via the Cardano Improvement Proposals. These network improvements – which are entirely community driven – involve a number of different projects, each of which should help build out the bigger overall Cardan platform.

Efforts of further decentralization are also underway.

All in all, it’s business as usual for Cardano.

Last year, bulls and holders were touting a possible $4 per ADA price by this time, and – while that’s clearly still a long way off – there’s no reason to think that Cardano’s going to fall out of the top 10 (per CryptoPotato). It almost certainly isn’t.

But there’s also no reason to think that Cardano is going to blow the competition out of the water, or that Cardano and Solana will together “crush” Ethereum between them (per Analytics Insight).

There’s plenty of room for everyone, and healthy competition is always better for your bottom line.