cardano vs solana

ADA Flows As The Cardano Vs. Solana Debate Ebbs

Well, well, well. After a whole heap of shock and considerably less awe, Cardano’s back on the upswing along with just about everything else. Bitcoin is approaching $70,000 per, while Ethereum is creeping up to the $5000 mark. Of course, …

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bitcoin volcano

Volcanoes, Potatoes, Bad Marketing, ADA Trends Up

Did you know that El Salvador uses volcanoes to mine Bitcoin? It’s true. Naturally, then, the Bitcoin price must be primed for an eruption. Amirite? Anyone? In actual fact – volcanoes and tornados and earthquakes and tsunamis aside – Bitcoin …

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china bans bitcoin

China Bans Crypto, Nobody Cares

Oh, look. China just banned all crypto transactions. Isn’t that something? And according to various entrenched old money shills and FUDsters in the mainstream media, the crypto market is tanking. Seriously, here’s CNN’s headline: “Bitcoin plummets after China intensifies cryptocurrency …

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