bitcoin volcano

Volcanoes, Potatoes, Bad Marketing, ADA Trends Up

Did you know that El Salvador uses volcanoes to mine Bitcoin? It’s true. Naturally, then, the Bitcoin price must be primed for an eruption. Amirite? Anyone? In actual fact – volcanoes and tornados and earthquakes and tsunamis aside – Bitcoin …

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china bans bitcoin

China Bans Crypto, Nobody Cares

Oh, look. China just banned all crypto transactions. Isn’t that something? And according to various entrenched old money shills and FUDsters in the mainstream media, the crypto market is tanking. Seriously, here’s CNN’s headline: “Bitcoin plummets after China intensifies cryptocurrency …

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cardano derangement syndrome

Get Ready For More CDS As ADA Preps For New ATH

After two weeks of fearmongering about Cardano’s smart contract rollout, things are stabilizing and the platform is being vindicated. And that’s not surprising. After all, the last wave of FUD nonsense came on the heels of a single social media …

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crypto swing trading

Swing For The Fences To Build Your ADA Stack ASAP

Man, stuff was getting interesting last Friday, wasn’t it? Well, the good news is that it’s still interesting, and if you were riding high three days ago, you’re probably riding even higher now. That said, our advice on holding off …

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